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Cabernet Sauvignon

Clones Planted: Cabernet Sauvignon FPS 07. Good vigor and medium productivity. Cabernet Sauvignon produces distinctive small black berries covered with bloom, making them look like blue berries. The berries adhere firmly to the pedicels. Thick skins are characterized by a highly astringent flavor, high tannin, acidity, and dark color. The flavors and aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon wines include vanilla, currants, and even green bell pepper.


Clones Planted: Sangiovese VCR 6 (FPS 07) (Montalcino) Grosso. Good vigor and medium productivity. Good general and basal fertility. Medium-small clusters, moderately compact. Medium-small berries, dark blue. Wine: rich color, perfumed and spicy, with plum and cherry scents; robust, improves with aging.


2016 Vintage: 2016 produced high quality and generous vintage. Following a warm and dry spring with near ideal conditions for bringing grapes to maturity producing very high quality wine grapes. The season was marked by healthy winter rains, followed by low rainfalls in spring and summer. No frost nights in the spring, few significant heat spikes and no high wind events. All of this, combined with uniform growing days, is exactly what a winemaker wants to see leading up to harvest. Across the board, our fruit showed great balance of acidity and sugar, good color and tannin structure and optimal flavor development, this produced our excellent 2013 vintage.

Overall 2016 was one of the greatest vintages in the last 20 years in California in general.

2016 Cabernet SauvignonTasting Notes:

The 2016 growing season produced outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which produced a well balanced wine. This old world, earthy and all together superb wine is highly complex with a long lingering finish. You will discover it’s many layers and aromas including cedar, cassis, vanilla and peppercorn.

2016 Sangiovese Tasting Notes:

The 2016 growing season produced outstanding Sangiovese grapes which produced a well balanced wine. This old world wine has a great nose of complex earthy flavors. Big, bold cherry aromas, lingering tobacco finish.